Helicopter work
Planes cannot land everywhere, in such cases all responsibility passes to helicopters. Humanitarian supplies, rescue work, supply of equipment for oil rigs and power plants, mining expeditions, for all these works we use our fleet of helicopters: Mi-171, Mi-172, Mi-8, Mi-8MTV, MI-8AMT, KA-32, MI-26T.
Transportation of cargo inside the cabin and oversized cargo on an external suspension.
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Passenger transportation
Rent helicopters for filming, expeditions, patrolling oil and gas facilities.
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Construction and installation works
Installation of towers, cellular power lines, installation of installations at ski resorts.
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Salvage operation
Organization of emergency rescue operations, evacuation of victims.
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Extinguishing fires
Fire-reconnaissance work, extinguishing forest and industrial fires.
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Offshore operations
Offshore helicopter work, work on oil and gas projects.
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